Tuesday, March 19, 2002

New Version of JanosVM

"The Janos Virtual Machine (JanosVM) is an Open Source virtual machine
for executing Java bytecodes. Unlike any available virtual machine,
the JanosVM supports multiple, separate process-like entities (called
"teams" in the JanosVM) within a single VM, without reliance on any
underlying OS or hardware support for such separation. The JanosVM
supports separate per-team heaps, per-team garbage collection threads,
inter-team thread migration, safe cross-team reference objects, and a
spiffy tutorial. Designed to support asynchronous termination of
buggy, uncooperative, or malicious Java bytecode applications, the
JanosVM provides robust and scalable multi-process support within a
single virtual machine.

The JanosVM exposes the primitives needed to build a multi-process
JVM, allowing users of the JanosVM to build their own Java-oriented
operating systems. The JanosVM does not provide a complete
environment for running untrusted user code. Rather, it provides
clean and efficient building blocks for building robust Java-based
operating systems. For example, when combined with the custom
runtimes available on our site, the JanosVM provides an environment
for safely executing untrusted Java code in an active network."

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