Friday, April 12, 2002

Inktomi and Interwoven Combine Products

As part of their strategy to deliver a completely integrated content management categorization and retrieval solution to enterprises, Interwoven will integrate search technology from Inktomi into its content management platform and Inktomi will integrate content intelligence technology from Interwoven into its enterprise search platform.

The two companies currently offer an integrated solution that enables joint customers to immediately index and search content published by Interwoven TeamSite and MetaTagger via Inktomi Enterprise Search. As part of the new agreement, Interwoven will integrate XML search technology from Inktomi into its enterprise content management platform to expand search functionality within the TeamSite environment. In addition, Inktomi will integrate new MetaTagger categorization technology from Interwoven into its enterprise search platform for an integrated categorization and search solution that provides users with a complete range of information retrieval tools.

The two companies report that key benefits of the expanded relationship include:

* increased knowledge worker productivity,

* consistent view of content across network, and

* reduced content redundancy.

Their product is called MetaTagger which includes features:

* Taxonomy-Driven Categorization
* Automated Taxonomy Discovery and MetaSource? Visual Vocabulary Builder
* Summarization
* Keyword Generation
* Business Rules Engine
* and others
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