Friday, April 19, 2002

Mozilla RC 1 Released

This is a 2 year old, satirical, pre-Slashdot posted announcement.

At approximately 6.53am QLD Standard Time Mozilla 1.0RC1 was released.

Ignorant Mozilla developers at the time were reported to say, "Ree-lee-se?". Even the Project's most ardent supporters had to admit the possibility that their bouncing baby browser now more resembles a massive, festering cyst.

At the very least, the Mozilla Project has given the world a pretty good picture of what caffeine poisoning looks like.

This release has fixed lots of bugs and is way more stable and has lots of neat features like LDAP using RDF over XUL/SOAP.

Bill Joy, Sun's Chief Scientist, said that most of the bugs that were fixed were bound to have been fixed outside of the organisation. Which explained why Sun keeps releasing the same version of Java 1.4 (well twice) hoping that someone outside Sun will fix the bugs.

They did fix the font corruption:

Some of the original satire:
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