Friday, April 26, 2002

Price of Life

This was on the midday news, about the victims (not the allied troops) of the Afghan conflict. The figure was US$1,000 in compensation for every family member that was killed by allied troops. Although if you were a family member of a Afghan fighter who helped the allies apparently you got slightly more.

"But the CIA is reported to have begun distributing compensation of about $1,000 (£700) to the bereaved relatives, in what appeared to be the clearest admission so far that something had gone badly wrong.",1284,648888,00.html

While this web site talks about US$10,000:

The US government gives it's citizens a considerably better time:

I think the minimum (before offsets) is about $500,000 up to nearly $5,000,000. As I've noted before some people think women's suffrage, gay rights and civil rights have all spawned from assigning equal value to human beings.
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