Friday, May 10, 2002

Do humans do it better?

Tap looks a lot like Alpiri. The reason it turns out, is that Alpiri is Tap. The redirects you to

Paper on Tap presented at W3C:

W3C demo: (I typed Tim into the search bar)

After the stirring debates caused by the humourous Metacrap paper. I went looking for some human generated metadata repositories. Sure there's dmoz and such but one based on files (as the Metacrap's examples gave). It seems that Bitzi is such a site. Funnily enough it's music, text and DivX files. They have a program that you mark-up and describe the files on your hard drive.

Bitzi Top 100 (Memento, Jurassic Park 3, lots of novels):

Bitzi RDF:
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