Saturday, May 18, 2002

K-Log - Knowledge Logs

As blogging is giving consciousness to the web (or so say some) K-Logs seems to enable knowledge. Lotus Notes that works? Or extending things like Zoe farther.

"Within a corporate context, K-Logs make it possible for any employee to add knowledge to an Intranet. It's easy enough to use (start-up in less than five minutes) that it overcomes resistance. Further, K-Logs provide people that use them two immediate benefits: 1) it is a highly visible way to enhance personal brand and 2) it is a great organizing tool that you can share with co-workers (it organizes your most important information over time). There is no other better way to get employee knowledge off the desktop and out of their heads and onto an Intranet where it can be archived, browsed, and searched."

An article with John Robb:
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