Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Content Wants to be Both

"I see no danger of Corporate America succeeding in solely dominating cyber culture ever. They may continue to encroach on it, but the free alternative will always be there, and much content will continue to remain free. "

" there doesn't seem to be widespread rejection of the concept that we pay for basic Internet access like we pay for other utilities."

"I have myself paid fees for content frequently in the last few years for archive look-ups (e.g,., special reports (e.g,. eMarketer), select subscriptions (e.g., WSJ), tip jars (e.g,. OddTodd), premium communities (e.g., Ryze), games (e.g., EverQuest), lots of "shareware" software, and more. I also continue to buy lots of CDs despite free MP3s on KaZaA."
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