Wednesday, June 05, 2002

A New Kind of Copyright

After reading the Wired article about "A New Kind of Science" I thought they potrayed Wolfram as very arrogant and very showman-like; especially the interview at the end. The copyright notice on his book reads:

"The author, copyright holder and publisher wish to encourage further development of the science in this book, while maintaining its intellectual integrity and preserving the value of their substantial creative and financial investments..."

"...Discoveries and ideas introduced in this book, whether presented at length or not, and the legal rights and goodwill associated with them, represent valuable property of Stephen Wolfram, LLC, and when they or work based on them is described or presented, whether for scholarly purposes or otherwise, appropriate attribution should be given.

...Illustrations (including tables) may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of the copyright holder. Most individual illustrations in this book represent substantial original works in themselves, and their reproduction is not a fair use... Permission to reproduce illustrations will normally be granted for scholarly purposes so long as the illustrations are not modified...[and] are used and explained in an appropriate way... "

While the hype surrounding the book probably means that he will be financially successful, I wonder if he squashed, rather than stood upon, the giants (and their ideals) that came before him.

Btw, I like the book a lot and is immediately readable and accessible. The Rule 30 stuff is a great introduction.

You know you're procrastinating when you start reading the copyright notice:

Luckily Wired is never wrong:
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