Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Programming Through Pictures Part II

The RDF Interest group recently had a couple of links with this which fit in with my previous post.

Before there was XDE, UML and ACE there was intentional programming. I guess it was '95 MS was happy and carefree having just shipped a new version of Windows. Everything was right in the world, they could do anything. Including representation that never dies:

"Software encoded intentionally can be said to be immortal, in that its meaning can be sustained independently of the long term progress in programming notation and implementation techniques."

The analogies being used reminded me a lot of musical notation:

Eidola is a similar type of project which seeks to get around textual representation of code because:
* It presents many features of program structure poorly, particularly large-scale structure.
* It unnecessarily ties the fundamental design of the language to its human presentation.
* It privileges one form of a program over all others, and that form happens to make it particularly inconvenient for software to work with the semantic structure of a program.
* It creates translation messes for alternate visual presentations and storage formats.
* It creates a very high barrier to entry for creative new developer tools of any real sophistication.

At least it would get rid of the eternal curly brace debate:

They even have a 0.0.0 release:
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