Wednesday, July 10, 2002

AGLS - Australian Government Locator Service

A simple and reasonably useful first go at using RDF. Most of the Australian government sites have done the minimum. Most of the tools listed look horribly manual and simple. What would be good is automated metadata extraction tools (like Klarity or the TMex stuff) deployed widely with dedicated metadata repositories. The problem with putting the metadata inline with the document is that it makes the actual content larger with no gain to the user (once they've done the searching). The other problem of course is that current commercial search engines don't support the Dublin Core stuff (according to their page and I couldn't find it listed on SearchEngineWatch). Again, a dedicated RDF store would do the trick.


6 Dublin Core items required to be Produced:

Tutorial on Producing it with Metabrowser:

Not supported, what's the point then?
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