Monday, July 29, 2002

AJile Java In Hardware - Not

AJile System are stupid. You go to all that trouble of creating a dynamically linked, platform independent language and then someone goes the opposite direction.

"How are applications developed for aJile microprocessors?

Standard Java class files from applications developed with commercial Java IDEs are statically resolved and compacted (e.g., unused methods and fields are removed) to build executables using optimizing linking tools. In addition to bytecode optimizations, the static linker technology performs several embedded application build functions including generating object initialization sequences, memory and JVM configurations, and interrupt and trap handler assignments."

"How do aJile microprocessors perform garbage collection (GC)?

aJile plans to provide several GC algorithms which will be configurable during application builds (linking process). It is also possible to build applications without GC (i.e. never deallocate memory). Utilizing the multiple JVM feature, each application can select the GC algorithm that best suits its execution profile without interfering with other applications."

Jazelle on the other hand:
"Is there any run-time compilation?
No. Jazelle is not a JIT compilation technique. At runtime, over 95% of Java bytecodes are executed directly on the Jazelle-enabled core; the remaining bytecodes are interpreted as short sequences of highly optimized ARM instructions."

And it can execute at over 1000 Caffeinemarks (or 6 per MHz).

And the user interface looks dirt ugly:
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