Monday, July 29, 2002

How to Tell if a Company will go Bankrupt

You can tell if a company will go under if there's a flag, personalised number plates and fish tanks.

Well how about this item from a semi-famous Australian .com company Spike IT. One virtual fish tank made by NEC called "Fish Club". Yours for $1725 (that's Australian Pesos). The original apparently cost US$17,000. It's a Japanese HDTV with a Laser Disc player showing pictures of fish swimming around (30 minutes at a time).

I don't think it was widely successful though because I haven't been able to find many links to it.

As technologically cool pets go Eco-spheres come pretty close, and it's a metaphor of the world which we all depend:

If anyone wants to put money in my account (or just give me your credit card details) I'll buy it for you I promise:
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