Tuesday, July 23, 2002

JXTA again

" The JXTA platform is defined by the following six protocols. A peer does not need to implement all protocols, just the protocols that it needs.

* Peer Discovery Protocol (PDP). PDP allows a peer to discover other peer advertisements (peer, group, service & pipe).
* Peer Resolver Protocol (PRP). PRP allows a peer to send a search query to another peer.
* Peer Information Protocol (PIP). PIP allows a peer to learn about the status of another peer.
* Peer Membership Protocol (PMP). PMP allows a peer to join or leave a peer group.
* Pipe Binding Protocol (PBP). PBP allows a peer to bind a pipe endpoint to a physical peer.
* Peer Endpoint Protocol (PEP). PEP allows a peer to ask for routing information to route messages to another peer.

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