Friday, August 30, 2002

Do They Know We Know They Know Nothing?

Here's the flip side to all of this knowledge sharing and semantic web stuff.

"There are 5 foundations on which the Knowledge Enhanced Public Sector rests...Knowing what you know...Knowing how you know...Knowing who knows...Knowing where you know...Knowing why you know."

"'Knowing why you know' - clear and visible comprehension and exploitation of the human and structural interactions and cross-over points which underpin the creation, development, use, frustration and interplay of an organisation's information, knowledge and expertise – internally and with stakeholders. "

'Knowing when you know' - The timeliness of process centric knowledge creation and adaptive integration of system infrastructure requires very immediate sensitivity. Or perhaps it is what certain people lack and so end up wasting peoples' time.

This is merely a collection of meaningless statements and jargon. Someone gets paid to write this rubbish.
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