Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Hyperlinks That Last All Summer Long

How do you stop this from happening?

FTrain had an article about it recently:
"I have a way to solve the problem. Or rather, I will now dictate my ideas to an uncaring world, for the fun of it. Here's what happens: someone sets up a small organization that assigns permanent URLS to every major news event. The URLS look like this:, or Simple stuff. The URLs don't have to be incredibly granular or complicated."

"Then, whenever anyone publishes a story on a topic to the Web, they include a bit of metadata in their web page indicating that this page is covering a Newspurl-identified story. "

This is similar to "Robust Hyperlinks" you simply add "...five or so word content-based lexical signature to make a Robust Hyperlink. When the URL's address-based portion breaks, the signature is fed into any web search engine to find the new site of the page." You tried to escape Google, that was your mistake!

Something to integrate into Mozilla:

Good to see he liked Flowers for Algenon.
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