Thursday, August 08, 2002

It's Knowledge Sharing

"Yes, I still hold the view that the term 'knowledge management' is a misnomer...In other words, manage the explicit knowledge - the stuff that is written down - of the organisation and we will have success. We found that this was not sufficient to achieve success because it dealt with just a small percentage of the knowledge in the company."

"We then worked on re-defining the educational opportunities that were available to our associates by changing the pedagogical approach to education. We shifted from sending people to class to one of delivering the class to the student anytime/anywhere. This allowed us to change the cost equation of education sufficiently that we could offer most of the courses from the universities free of charge to our associates provided they obtained a passing grade. We are now moving to just-in-time learning. (This is about 5 per cent of the effort.) We are now spending a lot of time and effort to improve our ability to function as global teams. "

While I don't think Office is seamlessly integrated or that the productivity gains found by using products like Office were not forcast 10 years ago (I would say 40 years ago) he says that future gains in the knowledge management will include:
1. Seamless translation (universal translator),
2. Seamless interface (removing the keyboard),
3. Internet connectivity (further growth).,2276,51302,00.html
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