Friday, August 02, 2002

KVM for ARM Processors

"The company has released CLDC HotSpot, an implementation of its J2ME Virtual Machine for the Connected Limited Device Configuration that is optimized for processors using ARM’s 32-bit cores. Sun claims that it outperforms its predecessor by a factor of 10, and should fill developers’ needs for the next half-decade."

"Lorain said that due to time constraints, the CLDC HotSpot implementation does not take advantage of Jazelle, ARM’s on-chip JVM that Sun helped develop. “It uses more footprint than Jazelle and won’t do as good a job at preserving battery life, but it will still do a better job than the current CLDC implementation,” he said, adding that it requires about 225KB of device memory, while the previous version used 90KB. Both require an additional 70KB for J2ME libraries. Sun and ARM still are working on “a joint solution that will leverage CLDC HotSpot and Jazelle,” Lorain said, but he did not give a timeline."
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