Friday, August 23, 2002


"The experiments performed at JLAB generate immense quantities of data, which in turn require powerful computational resources. Every day, up to a terabyte of data is generated in experiments; JLAB's 12,000-slot StorageTek tape silo can hold a year's worth of raw, processed and simulation data, and a server farm of 175 dual-processor Linux machines processes the first-pass raw data from experiments."

"Scientists who wish to access the resources at JLAB may do so using a Web portal, called the Hadron Lattice Portal (HLP), a name chosen to invoke the image of a lattice (as opposed to hierarchical structuring) of interconnected computing resources. The HLP provides access to Linux clusters and data storage resources at JLAB, as well as several other institutions participating in the Hadron Lattice Physics Collaboration."

THE WEB SERVICES REPORT: Disseminating Megadata
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