Saturday, August 10, 2002

Mozilla Monetizing

"So here you are, a multi-billion dollar corporation with a sagging stock price that has spent hundreds of man-years and millions of dollars on a layout engine and a Web browser. You've thrown all this money into the support of this cool "standards-compliant" layout engine, and you don't even know what that means! You're out all this money, and you have to find some way to make it back.

Well, do I have the plan for you. Enroll in David Hyatt's "Monetize that Browser!" seminar today, and you can learn how to recoup your losses. I'll teach you time-honored methods for making that money back. Yes, in just 30 short days, and for the low price of $599.95, I'll whip your money pit into a cash-generating machine!"

With "New Furniture from IKEA" under "File" and under "View" "Movies @", "Tools" has "Buy More Tools from Home Depot". It's lucky they went with "Bookmarks" and not "Favourites".

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