Thursday, September 26, 2002

Another Visualizer

UML2DAML and RDF Grapher are two rather professional looking tools. RDF Grapher will convert RDF into SVG, GIF or JPEG and is only 290k (requires Jena 1.3.2 and Batik though). Source code and ant build script all under GPL. The UML2DAML tool is about 6MB but converts XMI (which I got interested in after JSR 40) to the same sort of view using DAML+OIL. It compares well with other tools such as RDFSViz, RDFViz, RDF Author, and Ideagraph (or the older Svolgo). This is interesting because you could use any UML 1.4 compliant tool to produce configuration or business flow changes, convert it to RDF and then use that to change the workings of your currently running code.
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