Saturday, September 07, 2002

The Next Three Big Things

"Memo from Forrester Research to venture capitalists: Stop scratching your heads and start investing in certain technology subsectors such as security patches, search technology and ultra-wideband silicon."

"In another memo, Forrester software analyst Joshua Walker points to a surge of corporate interest in search technology. Buyers include multinationals that can't find critical intellectual property on their intranets and online sellers with buried merchandise. Walker contends that a single type of search engine meets all large enterprise needs so that there's room for several winners. He also notes that the rewards can be large, citing two startups in the sector, Verity Inc. and Endeca Technologies Inc., which have average-size annual contracts of $385,000 and $450,000, respectively."

Article on TheDeal.Com

Meanwhile, The Register has an article about how little America understands mobile phones and how little venture capital has learnt:
"We can confidently, if not happily, predict that the next tech crash of 2010 is going to look remarkably similar to the one we've just endured. "

"The cream of American Venture Capital - once thought of as the wellspring of the nation's economic well being - isn't just unrepentant, it seems determined to remake the next bubble with the same muddle-headed assumptions as it spun the last one."
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