Monday, September 02, 2002

Spring has Sprung

"The rationale behind Spring is to provide an environment where information meets behavior. Publish Spring Objects representing books and add behavior allowing users to purchase the book with a single click! Publish Spring Objects representing users and add behavior allowing people to email, AIM (SM), get directions to the party they're hosting, etc. in a single click!"

"Rather than proposing "yet-another-standard" to achieve this, "yet-another-closed protocol" to get this done, we're proposing a completely open, standards-based way to define Spring Objects. We want developers to take this ball and run with it, leverage what we've got, and take users in directions never imagined."

These standards include XML, HTTP URIs, XML-RPC/SOAP (via scripting runtimes), XSL, CSS.

The screenshots are highly impressive and if I hadn't upgraded to Jaguar I might try it:

It also goes to show you that Aaron Swartz is everywhere.
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