Monday, September 30, 2002

UML 2.0

"'UML 2.0 is starting to include BPM. In [UML 1.4], the activity graphs were a bit restricted for BPM. Even in 2.0, they could still be better. But the trend is in the right direction.''"

"Many consider real-time design and code execution issues odd men out in the first UML, but that should change with UML 2.0.

Part of the push toward better real-time support rides on a submission by a group including famed methodologist Stephen Mellor. Mellor -- co-author of a new book from Addison-Wesley called Executable UML: A Foundation for Model Driven Architecture -- was not one of the cheering throng when UML 1.0 happened, but he has more recently joined efforts to produce a UML that leads more directly to executable systems. Such an approach could become an alternative to Java.""
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