Sunday, September 29, 2002

XML Namespaces

It would seem to me that Dave implemented something without understanding it (he says XML is flawed, right). I still reckon some sort of levy on this type of mistake would be in order. The more I look at the process of RSS 2.0 the more I appreciate the W3C.

Here are a couple of blogs that I agree with:
"[on Dave saying XML is broken] is about the same as me saying that MySQL and PHP aren't working correctly on my system because the theories behind relational databases and web application script engines are fundamentally flawed." - RSS, XML, Namespaces, oh my.

"It's funny how he sees RSS 2.0 as a community effort when it's an advantage to him, and as his own playing field when it isn't." - RSS 2.0 busted

"Throwing code at a problem doesn't solve it. Mindlessly following the trends, solves it even slower. Start trying to combine mindless coding with sheep-like trend following and I start to wonder why I bother implementing anything." - Mindless Coding.

A truly exhausting thread.

Luckily, I haven't spent too much time on RSS 2.0. Mainly because it's not that exciting a technology. Something to be integrated with when there's some content. Code to standards or at least code to something that has had some decent thought put into it.

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