Monday, October 14, 2002


This is another easy to install, stand-alone piece of weblogging/content management software. Among others, it uses Jetty, JSTL and Lucene to provide Wiki and blogging (rss, free-text searching, blog roll, etc) functionality. SnipSnap collaboration will include: "P2P support: different snipsnap servers host other snispspaces for fallover (DSL, cable modem) and load balancing (slashdot effect) and Meta Wiki: Integrating the content of different wikis, e.g. using a webservice where wikis could register the names of their wiki nodes and search for other wikis with the same node names, MetaWiki". It supports things like RSS autodiscovery and lots of blogging interfaces. The roadmap includes iCal and P2P support and there's a commercial version planned.

This wasn't as easy to use as Antville and it doesn't feel nearly as snappy.
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