Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Amicalola SW

The papers of interest to me were: Data Modelling versus Ontology Engineering and Semantic Gossiping.

In Semantic Gossiping they write: "Thus we impose more modest requirements by assuming only the existence of local agreements on mappings between different schemas to enable semantic interoperability, i.e., agreements established in a P2P manner...Search requests are broadcasted over a network of interconnected information systems, and in addition when different schemas are involved, local mappings among them are used to further distribute them...To be semantically interoperable, the peers maintain knowledge about the relationships among their schemas. This knowledge can be given in the form of views..."

This idea is similar to schema operability that I've seen before in Microsoft's CUPID (and others) except it relies on people and feedback in a P2P system (they suggest JXTA) and not on an alogrithm.
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