Saturday, November 09, 2002

Ontology Building

"As the hype of past decades fades, the current heir to the artificial intelligence legacy may well be ontologies...The semantic structuring achieved by ontologies differs from the superficial composition and formatting of information (as data) afforded by relational and XML databases. With databases virtually all of the semantic content has to be captured in the application logic. Ontologies, however, are often able to provide an objective specification of domain information by representing a consensual agreement on the concepts and relations characterizing the way knowledge in that domain is expressed...In the Semantic Web vision, unambiguous sense in a dialog among remote applications or agents can be achieved through shared reference to the ontologies available on the network, albeit an always changing combination of upper level and domain ontologies."

However, the most useful thing in this article is the 10s (I stopped counting at 40) of editors surveyed.
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