Thursday, November 28, 2002

Quick Links

Did Picasso know about Einstein? - very interesting review of a book on cubism and relativity.

UML graphics bridge diverse systems - an overivew of UML going over the 9 diagram types.

Role of Java in the Semantic Web - includes an overview of the applications for the semantic web, relevant JSRs, and links to tools such as JTP, Jess, FIPA and JavaBayes. I'd say take a look at the NZDL and others like Jena, etc.

It's a shame that the author of the previous article concentrated on the AI aspects of the Semantic web. In a recent article on
""It's not artificial, and it's not intelligent," said Eric Miller, activity lead for the W3C's Semantic Web Activity. "The conceptual models behind RDF are predicated on work in the digital library community. You can think of this as a common framework that supports thesaurus, taxonomies and classification schemes.""

There was also this commentry which said that: "But the Web of things won't happen, and neither will Web services, unless these systems can understand what the data that they send each other means. To do this, tech suppliers and their enterprise customers must create a Semantic Web built on a few basic standards governing how to tag data so that people or computers can easily look up the tags' definitions and what other tags they're related to--synonyms and hyponyms, for example." This is one of the first times I've heard, without some obvious vested interest in RDF, talk about the industry rallying behind it.

GForge - an update of Sourceforge.
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