Tuesday, November 19, 2002

RDF/XML Syntax again

*sigh*. RDF/XML is difficult for people to understand and people have to write the APIs and tools. The RDF Model and whether people think in triples is a different problem to people wanting to rename "Resource" or whatever problems they might have with the syntax. And just when you thought RDF is getting too mainstream they go and introduce IRIs.

A good summary from Timothy Appnel and the saga of RDF continues. A recent Simon St. Laurent notes that RDF is good at description and that complexity is alive and well in others (I noted this in Has RDF Failed?).

"However, if a third aggregation/syndication format comes out, I vote we all
tie and gag the originator and stuff him or her into a deep footlocker
somewhere and throw away the key. Oh wait a sec? Does Aaron read this list?"

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