Friday, January 10, 2003


Same old song, different meaning for P2P says that the difficulty of blocking access is "...part of the reason the RIAA, along with other copyright holders, is pressing policy-makers in Europe and elsewhere to bring their copyright laws in line with those of the United States, Turkewitz said."

So far those efforts have met with little success. The most recent Europe-wide copyright rules, which have yet to be adopted by several countries, maintain the 50-year limit. However, copyright holders remain hopeful that individual countries will address the expiration dates as they periodically re-examine digital copyright issues."

Other copyright holders have been successful. Recently, the limit in the European countries was extended to 70 years (life of the creator plus 70) just not for sound recordings. If you're an Australian artist you get life plus 50 in the UK and in Australia. Letting each country control its own laws seems much more sensible than complaining about other countries not doing it like us (or should that be the US). Other US groups, like the BSA, have been very successful getting their copyright laws applied to other countries.
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