Saturday, January 18, 2003

Correcting Categorization

Cleaning iTunes " works poorly for show tunes -- people seem to really care about the performers, so they get really specific with the artist portion of the ID, to the extent that every song on the CD has a different artist string even though it is the same cast...Some of the things I want to clean up are bad data, and some are matters of Gracenote policy I disagree with, like inserting "(Disk N)" at the end of album names for multi-CD sets. In my iTunes Music Library, I get to have things my way...If I change the tag in iTunes, it updates the iTunes database and playlists, updates the ID tag in the actual MP3 file, and moves the file to a new artist directory if my music is in the iTunes Music Library. This is all very cool." The author writes some AppleScript to modify the ID tags to his taste.
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