Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Disruptive Technologies

"Blogs work differently. Instead of n-way authentication, there is only one-way authentication. Each author authenticates to a hosting service to post there. Each blog is bound to and emblematic of its author's identity. The popularity rankings that the blog indexers incessantly churn out are also measures of trust. As a longtime blogger, I've built trust that comes partly from speaking consistently over time with a credible voice and partly from peer validation expressed in the currency of links. Everyone can see that to violate that trust by spreading malicious code would be a self-destructive act.

If you're creating a Web service that you hope will have a disruptive impact, the lessons are clear. Support HTTP GET-style URLs. Design them carefully, matching de facto standards where they exist. Keep the URLs short, so people can easily understand, modify, and trade them. Establish a blog reputation. Use the blog network to promote the service and enable users of the service to self-organize. It all adds up to a recipe for recombinant growth."

The disruptive Web
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