Friday, January 03, 2003


This looks to be an Eclipse based framework that uses Swing instead of SWT.

"..the Eclipse plugin platform is the inspiration for JLense. JLense is a significant departure from Eclipse in some important ways, especially with regard to the UIWorks framework, but JLense also incorporates some parts of Eclipse unchanged."

"There was some speculation that the name of the Eclipse project was perhaps specifically meant to suggest eclipsing of the 'Sun'.

While looking for a name for this project I read about a phenomenon called gravitational microlensing. In short, gravitational microlensing is similar to an eclipse in that a large object passes between us and another star. But unlike an eclipse, which obscures the more distant star, gravitational microlensing will cause the more distant star to become more visible or brighter in appearance.

And that is what I hope JLense (the large object between the viewer and the star) will do for Swing (the star)."
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