Saturday, January 04, 2003

Predictions for 2003

Most of the predictions for 2003 seem to focus on web services, mobile phones, J2EE, .Net, Microsoft, Apple, Sun, etc. I liked Bill de hÓra's predictions for 2003, here's some of them:

Semantic Web:
* Ontologies are not as useful and more difficult to design than first expected; the upfront costs of creation become a concern.
* Specialized metadata formats continue to be favoured over RDF.
* RDF is used for systems integration.
* Machine learning comes to the semantic web.

* Users of of W3C Schema make all the same mistakes OO users did 10 years ago.
* XSLT/XPath are forked.
* W3C Schema is subsetted.
* Use of entity references for characters becomes an antipattern.

Some could say that XPath is already forked with XPath NG.
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