Tuesday, January 21, 2003


Tech Predictions for the Decade "Take, for example, the concept of the "semantic" Web, a next-generation version of the Internet that will enable users to obtain more precise information by utilizing computerized "agents" that find exactly what they want online. Today, if users search for "books about Agatha Christie" on Google, they receive hundreds of search results leading to information on the books written by Christie. In contrast, semantic Web agents will be intelligent enough to decipher the word "about" and find biographies on the writer rather than her works, Gantz said."

I'm not even going to start with what's wrong with the statements above. Take a deep breath and start again.

Meanwhile, the Butler Group says about OLAP that: "It is no longer seen as a specialist solution, for business analysts and experienced line of business managers, but as an end user solution, supporting the information needs of a broad range of individuals. Furthermore, OLAP needs to be viewed not as a standalone tool, but as part of a larger integrated BI solution." It's all about the ease of user rather than pure performance.
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