Wednesday, January 08, 2003


Safari Well it's based on Konqueror and it does seem faster than Mozilla (1.2.1). It supports Java well. The Springback feature seems a little gimmicky. I miss tabbed browsing. Having a text field separate to the address bar for searching seems like a fair enough thing. I'll have to put it through its paces as far as the HTML, CSS, Javascript and DOM is concerned. It seems to have some issue with cookies, sites saying that I need to turn session cookies on even when I changed it to always accept cookies. The download is around 3MB so it doesn't hurt to try it.

Apple Announces New "Safari" Browser links to the changelog. As one of the existing KDE developers wrote "Seems to me like a huge christmas gift. Thank you. Thanks a lot." It looks like KHTML and KJS were determined by Apple to be easiest to use, " The size of your code and ease of development within that code made it a better choice for us than other open source projects."

No new iPod.
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