Wednesday, January 15, 2003


Why Automatic Information Management is Doomed to Fail "I firmly believe the answer lies within each individual user. The user should always be in control of their information. You should be able to organize your information in a way that makes sense to you, rather than have to figure out how the computer has organized your information.

I propose an information management system where files can be stored in categories, and metadata attributes would be attached to each file such as description, keywords, context, and other information that users can enter."

The rest of this is a review of Scopeware and how it introduces a whole new set of problems by trying to make hard drives more searchable. I really haven't seen a 3D file system navigation that I like (Navigate, Throw up, 3DOSX) although most of them look impressive. The key to all of this is more feedback. With correct tools they can help not only in searching and automatically categorizing files but also in detecting mistakes.
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