Tuesday, January 07, 2003

True Lies

In Renmin Voice Joshua Allan defends the Semantic Web. Taking up another point in the argument, he says that whether statements are lies or not it's all knowledge. I'm not going to reiterate everything he's said. The initial points are well made. He then seems to be stretching as he makes such claims that XML and RDF are almost the same thing. His use of English is Bard-like in comparison to my own so it's garnered much more respect.

The Year of Linking Dangerously, Joshua Allen on the semantic web and Tracking all the lies are both positive and critical responses to Joshua's blog. I laughed at, "It's in the air. It's viral. It's contagious. Hold your breath or you'll catch it." and I thought I just had a cold.

Jonathon notes in Track all the lies that MoveableType can free you from the tyranny of Google (through the use of Trackback). I've wanted Trackback or pingback for a while. I agree that a link doesn't give you enough information. As Joshua is a Radio user there's no Trackback or Pingback which means hunting down all the responses.

The discussion continues and the tools get better.
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