Wednesday, February 12, 2003

ClearForest Product of 2002

Search and Categorization " ClearTags 4.0 drills deeply into content to tag documents along semantic, statistical and structural parameters. As a result, you can search documents very specifically for events, locations, people and facts as well as for words and concepts. A new user control panel allows the definition of different tagging schemes for any type of document stream, and at the same time monitoring of the entire tagging process.

ClearTags allows companies to precisely identify and automatically tag multiple relevant entities, facts and events buried within large textual repositories. The process produces richly-tagged XML files, which facilitates data re-use and the manipulation of content with other applications, enhancing return on investment. When combined with ClearForest's ClearSight module, this product produces visual search maps that depict relationships among people, locations or events, providing insight into their associations. Pricing starts at $100,000. "

Also Enterprise Content & Collaboration Technologies.
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