Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Digging Deep

Paid Content Trend Is Dangerous "...all that "good stuff" that publishers think is worth charging for will, for the most part, be visible only to users of those individual publishers' Web sites. News search engines, which send plenty of user traffic to news sites, won't see or refer their users to such material. And that has potentially dire implications for both hybrid-revenue-model news sites and for the search publishers offering premium paid content should start thinking about how to let search engines know about it. His offers a mix of free and paid content, so it's an issue dear to his heart. He points to Inceptor's eLuminator "content optimization service," which automatically extracts key words and phrases from hidden content (paid-access or hidden behind firewalls) and creates optimized pages that can be crawled by search engines. Paid-content publishers should be employing such solutions to let the rest of the world know what they've got."

This sounds like the start of a SW search engine where you could give it constraints such as a series of concepts, how much you'd willing to pay, and how long you're willing wait for a result.
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