Monday, February 03, 2003

Microsoft 2003 is Atari 1984

Gates addresses Italian Senate amid protest "Bill Gates outlined his optimistic vision of the coming digital decade in a speech to the Italian Senate Friday as open source advocates in penguin suits protested his visit and called on the Italian government to legislate in favor of the use of open-source software by the state administration as an alternative to Microsoft Corp.'s ubiquitous operating systems...Gates showed off "smart" wristwatches recently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The technology behind such smart devices is called Smart Personal Object Technology, or SPOT, and was developed by Microsoft's research group, building on advances in a variety of different technologies."

Microsoft's SPOT: The Atari Connection "About this time, Atari asked SCA's Karr to design an alternative method of distributing games. The answer? FM subcarrier transmission, the pre-Internet's broadband technology. Karr said FM subcarrier transmission could transmit up to 12 Kbits/s per radio station, and that the technology could be multiplexed to increase bandwidth further. New 2,400-baud (2.4-Kbit/s) modems, meanwhile, cost over $500."
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