Saturday, February 08, 2003

Semantic Web Applications

Ontolog "OntoLog is a tool for annotating (describing and indexing) video and audio using ontologies – structured sets of terms or concepts." A Java 1.4 based application that is based on top of MySQL and Jena 1.5.

Semantic Blogging and Semantic Portals are two SWAD-E projects. They also performed a study of semantic web applications (no mention of Tucana).

Semantic Blogging suggests 7 ways to upgrade blogging to become semantically aware including: semantic linking, using RSS 1.0, upgrading aggregators and to allow users to search distributively across blogs.

For the Semantic Portal they are proposing using the "...Arkive media repository. This is a long term archive of rich multimedia about worldwide endangered species and a large cross-section of non-endangered UK species."
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