Monday, February 17, 2003

SnipSnap Expert Search

IM Expert Search "Ben is a software developer who uses the IM P2P network to find experts. Because he has some questions Ben searches for an expert for Java and Oracle. He enters "Search: Java Oracle" into his IM client and sends this to his knowledge agent. The agent searches the P2P network of the company for skills of experts. Every local SnipSnap of employees, teams or departments stores expert skills and offers them to the outside and the P2P network as RDF. The P2P network finds without a central server the experts and returns the result to Bens IM client. Ben then can directly contact the expert or surf to the website."

Sounds similar to Tacit. They are appearing at Demo 2003 which is also showing Socratic Learning (collaboration), Meaningful Machines (concept analyser), MagigTech (quantum information processing) and Terraplayer (wireless MP3 player).
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