Thursday, March 27, 2003

Catch the RDF Wave

PC Forum and the Semantic Web "Leading into an example of how this vision could add value to today's version of the Web, Berners-Lee asked, "When you create a database with a concept like a zip code, why doesn't the computer automatically know what it is?" Continuing, he suggested that a Semantic Web could create a very distributed set of connections for data. The problem is complicated, acknowledges Berners-Lee, but he believes the applications could be as revolutionary as the Web was ten years ago and urged companies creating products to input and output RDF data, saying "Catch the RDF wave.""

What to Do With All That Information "He talked about the glorious future of something called the "semantic web," a concept that most people aside from programmers will probably never understand. His talk here didn't help. One hopeful journalist from the Economist asked Berners-Lee to give an example of how companies could make or save money using it, but he didn't have an answer. He doesn't have to. He's an academic. Businesspeople here assured me this is a big deal we'll hear more about."
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