Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Hotspot for Databases

New open source query system adapts to the database "“Traditional databases have two phases for a query: first a query ‘optimiser’ examines the query and picks a good execution plan, and second a query ‘executor’ runs the plan chosen by the optimiser from start to finish,” he said.

The static nature of these processes means there is no ability for the system to react to changes that occur while the query is running, such as another process chewing up memory or unexpected pauses while the related query data is streaming.

To combat this, “adaptive dataflow technology merges the optimiser and executor phases, so that while a query is running it is constantly being observed and re-optimised in an organic fashion,” he said. In other words, an adaptive system constantly re-evaluates its environment while processing a query to ensure it is working effectively – despite any runtime fluctuations"

I wonder what the exact problem they had with Java? Apparently it was memory management.
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