Friday, March 07, 2003

Meaningful Web Services

Opinion: The Next Big Web Thing - Really " Into the airless and solipsistic void of the Web services debate, enter the World Wide Web Consotium, where the Web's founder, Tim Berners-Lee, has recruited respected professionals to steadily assemble something called Resource Description Framework, or RDF. This is not only the most interesting idea in computing since the Web, but also the only thing since shopping carts and dancing applets that seems in danger of actually being relevant to humans who use computers...As the debates between Microsoft and Sun seem more and more to fade into the partisan struggle for market share within IT shops, the open protocols that are reinventing applications -- WebDAV, XML, RDF, SOAP, WSDL and the rest of the alphabet -- more and more will be the only things accelerating more meaningful use of the Web..."

Web services in serious jeopardy: "When people ask me to define Web services, I tell them that it's primarily an idea hatched by IBM and Microsoft to steal customers from each other."

In the recent Social Meaning of RDF there's a link to an email by Tim Berners-Lee:
"> Perhaps we can get all we need by describing intended use.

That is where you start getting into questionable stuff, necessarily slanting the use of RDF some way."
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