Friday, March 14, 2003

Sun's Knowledge Management

A recent blog entry by Uche Ogbuji points to a document on how Sun is using swoRDFish to provide "...a controlled vocabulary, organizational classifications, and business rules. It also includes a core set of industry standard metadata tags, complete with SMI-specific extensions."

"Uche Ogbuji, founder of Fourthought, is one of the most respected thought leaders in RDF. He is currently working with Sun's Global Knowledge Engineering team to develop a system to integrate metadata from Sun's internal product and customer profile information. This integration will help amplify the power of the intranets and customer self-help sites at Sun. According to Mr. Ogbuji, Sun's efforts in knowledge management offer far more potential than commercially available ones, because the GKE team has chosen to adopt standard metadata and knowledge- management formats and techniques. Many other companies working with KM are using proprietary systems and methods. In my experience, this is very limiting because it restricts the value of the result to the amount of knowledge that can be gathered within the closed system. By adopting industry standards, Sun effectively opens up the system, allowing it to derive additional power from publicly available knowledge bases. This is analogous to the quantum leap in application development that developers gained once they began connecting their applications to the open Internet."
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