Monday, April 28, 2003

Emerging RDF

Emerging Technologies Presentations: Gonzo Collaborative Mapping on the Semantic Web and Peer-to-Peer Semantic Search Engines: Building a Memex.

spacenamespace "this is a kind of collaborative mapping project. it consists of geographical models which are represented as RDF graphs. you can wander round them, like a MUD or MOO, with a bot interface which you can use to create and connect new is a semantic web project; it provides a scheme for semantic web identification of places via unique uris. the interaction with people aspect uses FOAF, in the hope that friend-of-a-friend networks can benefit from collaborative filtering as well as collaborative mapping." Includes an example of an annotated, RDF based "walk-through" of London Mudlondon. It uses Perl and mySQL. Interestingly the UK government own the copyright to the shape and controls maps of the UK.

Contextual Network Graphs is a graph-based alternative to LSI available in Perl via CVS. See also PMI-IR, uses Pointwise Mutual Information (PMI) and Information Retrieval (IR).
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