Friday, April 18, 2003

EWeek Review Intelligdimension

Intellidimension App Shows Power of RDF "A Windows-based query tool allowed us to access the database and create and test server-side scripts. Server-side scripts are written in RDF Query Language, which, being based on ECMAScript, was easy to use.

The sample applications that Intellidimension provides on its site were a great help in developing for RDF Gateway."

The use of scripting is nice but I'd really like to be able to generate RDF from Java and vice-versa. Combining with using something like Discovery you could get, at runtime, existing services working with new RDF or new services working on existing RDF. They were most impressed by the portal. They also mentioned that it would be good to have standard interface to RDF datasources so that other application servers and web servers could use it. I'd especially like a J2EE connector for example.
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