Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Features to Remove Functionality

Slashdot claims there's nothing new in Windows 2003. Well that's just plain wrong. MS has 10 reasons to upgrade my favourite is number 7:
"Windows SharePoint Services is a platform for creating large numbers of smart Web communities focused on information sharing and team productivity. It can scale to thousands of sites within an organization. It fully supports load-balanced Web farm and clustered database deployments. Site and server managers can enforce storage quotas using a sites per-server and users per-site criterion. Site usage can be monitored to detect and retire inactive sites. Security is granular, yet easily managed. Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) is a security feature of Windows that works with applications to help safeguard confidential and sensitive enterprise information—no matter where it goes."

Now what were the web people thinking about leaving out DRM in HTML:
"Authors can restrict permission to Web-based information as they create it, and then save the content as a rights-managed HTML file (with the file name extension .rmh). If the readers have installed the Rights Management Add-on, they can open the file and use the contents, based on the permission that the author has given them."

A discussion on the DRM technology is available at Technet. Macs will be left out, everyone has to upgrade to the 2003 version of Office, etc. The best quote: "the organization owns the content, not the user"
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